We are defy.


Let's ditch clinical burnout forever.



We're Sarah & Carol - two occasionally defiant, frequently over-achieving BCBAs that LOVE creating, teaching, inspiring, and celebrating. 

When we started defy, we had two common goals - we wanted to continue to use behavioral science to help others AND create positive change in the world without all the stressors and punishers that made us want to leave ABA behind. 
In the process of figuring out HOW we were going to do this - burnout stories from RBTs, BCBAs, and other professionals in the field started rolling in.
And every single story hit close to home, y'all. SO CLOSE that they brought along a new mission and chapter in our lives. 
At first glance, our burnout stories may seem COMPLETELY different - after all, one of us reached her burnout breaking point after owning an ABA organization for over 15 years and the other 2 weeks before she even became a BCBA. BUT along with our stories and all of yours we've found that, well, they all follow the same rules of the science that we are using in the jobs that are burning us out. So here we are - full circle - trying to bring the field of ABA together to counter the negative effects of work-related stress. 
Our values are simple - we value authenticity, acceptance, joy, and positive impact. 
Our purpose is personal - we're doing all of this so YOU can optimize your well-being, provide quality care to your clients and staff members, and find greater joy and success in your work.
Our method is defiant - we are using behavioral science to create innovative skills training tools, creative learning experiences, effective evidence-based interventions, and a human-centered community to disrupt burnout in our field by targeting individual-, team-, and systems- development. 

Cheers to science & defiance, y'all. 

You won't just feel better, you'll feel whole again.

We want to create a world where BCBAs have the support and skills to provide long-term, human-centered service and change across the world with joy and balance in their lives.

To unlock the potential of ABA Professionals by inspiring, educating, celebrating, and elevating them to create positive change within themselves, their lives, their workplace, their communities, and the field.

How we're doing it

Individual Memberships

Individual Skills Development and Support for ABA Professionals

Team and Systems Development and Support for ABA Provider and Service Organizations

System Wide Development and Improvement for ABA Educational, Scientific, Professional, Government, and Other External Organizations and Institutions.

Disrupt the Trending Direction of Burnout in Our Field


We are using art, science, and human-centered community to counter the negative effects of work-related stress so ABA Professionals can optimize their well-being, provide quality care to their clients and staff-members, and find greater joy and success in their work.

Cheers to science and defiance, y'all.



So, you’ve got a story to tell.

We’re here when you’re ready to tell it. This confessions board is meant to help us better understand the needs of our community and field. Your responses will help us identify directions to grow towards,  supports to offer, and initiatives to lead.

All submissions will be kept anonymous.