defy initiative

Equity isn’t about equal supports; it’s about understanding that in order to have the same view at the game, different folks need different-sized seats.  

We are launching defy initiative -

by offering Dear Burnout, RETREAT scholarships covering the FULL cost of the retreat ticket to make wellness-focused, professional development defy experiences more affordable and inclusive for underrepresented populations in ABA.

Application and Nomination Eligibility:

  • Women and non-binary RBTs, aspiring BCBAs, BCaBAs, BCBAs, and BCBA-Ds who are underrepresented in race, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, and/or sexual orientation across the world.
  • Please understand, that while defy is working towards becoming a resource, bridge, and community for all populations in our field, this event is focused solely on meeting the needs of women and non-binary individuals in ABA. We, however, welcome all populations to become defy members and access all of our development tools and resources that are intended for all populations.

Selection Process:

  • Scholarships will be awarded based on the nomination and application submissions’ expression of the individual’s:
    • appreciation for authentic connection;
    • commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion;
    • need of community and support;
    • and contribution to practicing ABA with a human-first, balanced approach.
  • All awarded scholarships will cover the COMPLETE cost of the Burnout Retreat Ticket, some will cover hotel accommodations, and all individuals will be responsible for travel/airfare expenses. Differentiated scholarships will be awarded in an attempt to foster equity amongst differentiated needs.

If selected, your seat will remain open until the retreat fills up.​​ Early bird gets the worm!

RBT/Student/BCBA Retreat Scholarship

Submit an application for yourself or nominate a friend that you think deserves to receive a ticket and/or covered-accommodations to the defy retreat. Please read guidelines and selection considerations above.

Want to sponsor someone for the Dear Burnout Retreat?


Sponsor an RBT/Student/BCBA who you know deserves to experience the Dear Burnout Retreat or provide a scholarship to a defy community member that we select and give them a jumpstart on long-term success and balance in ABA and the experience of a lifetime. 💫

As a sponsor you will be given recognition and showcased on the defy website. Sponsorships may also be anonymous upon request.

Become A Sponsor