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This month we’re recognizing Elizabeth Matthews. 

I am a human mom to 3 year old Peyton, a military spouse of retired veteran Chuck, and a dog mom to Cayden and Gracie. I am originally from New York state, and it will always have a piece of my heart, but I have called Virginia my home since 2006. I am a leader, an empath, a perfectionist, and a survivor.

What do you enjoy?

I enjoy good food, good beverages, good company, and good times. I love the sun and a good pool day. I like to travel and we're hoping to start doing that more soon! Watching my son explore the world and the way his eyes light up when something amuses him fills me with a lovely feeling that I never knew existed.

What is your biggest bucket list item?

European family vacation!

What is your “why” for being in ABA?

I want providers to be able to use and apply the science of behavior analysis without all the "red tape.” I really strive to simplify the processes that get in the way of time we could be spending with the individuals we serve or could be spent living our best lives. Having more time to reboot makes us better at our jobs and unnecessary or cumbersome paperwork, etc. is not part of that! My "why" is happy, productive, fulfilled ABA providers.

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