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This month we’re recognizing Leticia Toro. 

It feels so funny to think about this since my career feels like such a huge part of who I am. I am a Paraguayan immigrant woman in Canada, super passionate, home/family/animal/nature lover. I am a scientist at heart, a dancer, and love a good book, good music, and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day with my family. 

What do you enjoy?

I really enjoy volunteering. I deeply enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge of ABA with others. I love seeing the little lightbulb turning on as people learn and grow. Other than that, I enjoy learning myself!!! I always joke that I could be in school forever. I love reading, music, dancing, spending time at home with my family and in nature.

What is your biggest bucket list item?

To open a clinic and bring ABA to my native Paraguay. ABA is not known in many parts of Latin America. My first step has been to create a podcast (KuñABA) in which I have started speaking about ABA , sharing basic information in Spanish. I am not great in social media but can talk for ages, therefore a podcast worked perfectly.
European family vacation!

What is your “why” for being in ABA?

I have a number of why's :) but a couple of my most recent, salient ones are: Creating healthy environments for others (working, living, and learning environments). Also, watching people getting to a place where they believe in themselves, their abilities, feeling great and proud of who they are. This extends from my learners, to parents, and to the staff I work with. ABA gives us the power to empower others, teach them in a way that is so effective that they are fully comfortable in their skills and are able to go on and fulfill their own dreams. 

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