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defy is a supportive community for women and non-binary individuals looking to elevate their professional and personal lives.

Together we'll help each other build strength in every aspect of our lives through coaching, mentoring, and support - and build authentic connections with inspiring and relatable women along the way.

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Because together we are unstoppable.

Womxn around the world are creating change. We are building this community to support you while you create your own change in all stages of your life and career.

Digital Community

We’re obsessed with building a network that supports your personal and professional growth.

Real Connections

We’re reimagining the way we connect and build authentic relationships using behavioral science and technology. Connect with other members based on your needs - location, interests, or experiences.

Career Growth

Looking for fulfillment in your professional life? Wanting more freedom in your career? Our members and team are all in on this one too - let’s inspire each other to break glass ceilings and build the career you’ve always dreamed of.

When you have a solid community of women for support you can accomplish anything.

If you're ready to accelerate and elevate your growth, we have designed a more individualized, curated membership program to support your goals.

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After connecting over our own hardships and triumph, we’ve set out to create an inclusive community of the most critical, consistent support systems who are at the forefront of our own lives: AUTHENTIC CONNECTION WITH OTHERS.

 Helping women and non-binary individuals find each other and connect in meaningful ways isn’t easy - but, using behavioral science, it’s exactly what we’ve set out to do.

As diverse as our goals and lives are - we have incredibly high expectations for our careers and personal lives despite the adversity we’ve faced, and no single one of us knows everything we need to make it all work. We are building this community for members to come together for the collective benefit and advancement of the whole community - in our work, our families, and ourselves.

Sarah + Carol, Behavior Analysts + Co-Founders of defy.

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