We're Sarah and Carol.

We are the founders of defy.

And building this community is PERSONAL.

Life got busy, and you got overwhelmed. 
You became the BCBA with too much on their plate; the one that questioned their every move. 
You lost yourself in the midst of the chaos and felt like you were never doing enough to help your staff and clients. 
Most days you were: 
The overwhelmed BCBA. The guilty parent. The unworthy clinician. The grieving friend. The sick person. The undervalued supervisor. The lost healthcare provider.

We get it. We've been there.

And the truth is, at times, we still are.

defy started as a vision for something better, something more after connecting over our own burnout as behavior analysts. We’ve set out to create an all-inclusive community of the most critical, consistent support systems that have been at the forefront of our own lives:  AUTHENTIC CONNECTION WITH OTHERS


defy is a community of career-driven BCBAs who:
  • want to grow as clinicians and develop their careers.
  • are determined to develop the skills to live a balanced life.
  • have each others’ backs.
  • are dedicated to providing ethical, impactful, human-centered services that create positive change.
  • and actively seek to improve their lives while also lifting up those around them.
As professionally ambitious folks, the odds are against us. The connections we make — and the support from them — are the invaluable basis of all the ways we thrive and succeed. We’re here to help you define your values, address your clinical needs, and create positive change.
Helping others counter the negative effects of burnout in meaningful ways isn’t easy — but, using behavioral science, it’s exactly what we’ve set out to do.


As diverse as our goals and lives are, defy members have one thing in common: We have incredibly high expectations for our careers and personal lives despite the adversity we’ve faced — and no single one of us knows everything we need to know to make it all work. 
defy is a network built for BCBAs to come together for the collective benefit and advancement of the whole community, in our work, our families, and ourselves.


We can't wait to get to know you better.


Sarah and Carol